Gearing up for a badass 2019!

Hey friends,

It’s been a while since we’ve performed and there are a few good reasons and a lot of dumb reasons for that.  We’ve taken some time off, tried on some new bandmates, and generally just goofed off a lot more.

That said, I’m excited to announce that we’re already loading up our calendar for a wonderful, music-filled 2019!  Hope to see you around Madison sometime this year!




Bos Mead Hall show on June 3rd!

We loved playing Bos Meadery many times back when it was just the meadery, but now we’re excited to play the Bos Mead Hall!!  There’s an excellent stage and, more importantly, even excellenter mead!  Please join us this summer as we return from hiatus with some brand new songs for you!

Bos Meadery, Free, 849 E. Washington Ave, 7pm


Enough For Love music video

Yesterday, I spent the day filming the music video for Enough For Love:

To me, this song is about finally feeling good enough and deserving of the love I receive.  I tried to capture a snapshot of the different activities in which I engage to become presentable and lovable.  These are all ways in which I try to connect to my self-confidence.  In the end, the hope is that unkempt Danielle always realizes her true worth.

It also features my adorable kid.  This is a message for mothers especially, who unfortunately have a whole bunch of physical and emotional challenges on the path to self-esteem.  Shoutout to you, ladies.

What do you think?